Buttock Lift/Body Lift

Buttock lift/belt lipectomy?

A belt lipectomy is a procedure to remove the excess hanging skin and fat over the lower abdomen and the lower back/flanks, and lift the buttocks. A lower body lift is a similar operation, but provides a greater lift when necessary.

The excess over the abdomen is removed in the same way as an abdominoplasty. However, the scar will now extend all the way across the lower abdomen around the back to completely follow your waist. This allows removal of excess tissue at the back and will lift the buttock area at the same time.


How is it performed?

The operation requires a general anaesthetic and may take three to five hours to perform. You will stay in hospital for two to three nights after the surgery. You may or may not have drains, which are tubes that come from underneath your wound to drainage bottles. If these are used, they are to help reduce fluid build up and tend to stay for two to three nights then they are simply removed. You will often have a urinary catheter that will be removed once you are comfortable enough to pass urine yourself.

What are the benefits?

The aim of surgery is to remove the excess hanging tissue over the abdomen and flanks, and to lift the buttocks. This will help improve symptoms related to the excess skin such as rashes, blistering, irritation and also improve mobility by removing the heavy hanging tissue, which may aid in exercise and further weight loss.