Male Chest Surgery (gynaecomastia)

Male breast development is an infrequent occurrence, but is often associated with being overweight, use of anabolic steroids as in weighlifters or body-builders or in certain hormonal irregularities. It is important that your GP assess you before referral to a plastic surgeon to identify and treat any medical condition causing the problem.

Breast tissue is made of fat and glandular tissue. Gynaecomastia can therefore affect either the fatty element, glandular element or a combination of both. Surgery is directed at removing the responsible tissue and is usually either liposuction alone (for fat) or surgical excision (gland). Either procedure is done under a general anesthetic.

Liposuction involves usually two small scars under the breast and in the armpit. A corset is required to be worn for at least one month to minimise irreguarities. Please see the section on liposuction for more details.

Surgical removal of tissue will involve either a small scar under the nipple/breast junction, or if there is considerable breast development extra skin may need to be removed and this would leave a longer scar running along the chest wall.


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